Corporations and Disposals with Enterprise or a Part Thereof

We offer all services necessary to the establishment of any legal entity to conduct business in the Czech Republic. We prepare all documents relevant to the structuring of business in whatever form it has ben decided to employ. We offer advise related to the establishment and restructuring of corporations, corporate governance, transfer of shares, management of registered capital, Commercial Register, and mergers and transformations. We also offer services regarding transactions related to disposals of enterprise or a part thereof.


We are ready to prepare any kind of business contract provided that such a contract is governed by the laws of Czech Republic. We are able to transform your contractual provisions as used worldwide into the law environment of the Czech Republic. We offer construction of a wide scope of contractual types: for example, Distribution Contract, Contract for Sale of Goods, Consultancy or Business-Representative Contract, or contractual harboring of building activities.

Realty, Real Estate, Immovables

We have been in the real estate business since the very beginning of our practice. We offer preparation and consultancy of any kind of contract related to immovables including Contract on Sale of Immovable, Contract on Lease of Immovable or preparation of Future Contracts. We offer the use of specific security bank accounts assigned to only the transaction, and held by experienced Austrian bank. This has specific importance in relation to Czech cadastral principles: Therefor, as a Seller, you can be sure that your money will be credited to a buyer only when the specifically defined conditions have been fulfilled. As a Buyer, you can also be assured that money assigned to the settlement of the price of immovables are „real“, „frozen“ and will be transferred to your account as soon as specified conditions are met.


Lawsuit is always the last and most painful solution of a dispute, but in certain situations is unfortunately inescapable. We offer full representation in court proceedings throughout the entire Czech Republic. Our office assesses fees for court representation with a reasonably set hourly rate. We charge Litigation fees only in event of successful settlement of the case (and after all, this fee is really paid by the contestant); then previously paid hourly fee are settled – in which case your expenses for legal services are nil...


Not as widely employed as it should be, arbitration is fast and effective dispute resolution method. Unmentioned fees for the arbitration process are set at a standard 3 % of the monetary value of the action, which is 1% lower than the judicial fee. The main advantage of arbitration is its fast pace: Your dispute may be irrevocably resolved in several monhts after opening the case. Off-public principles of arbitration in contrary to public judicial proceedings may also be relevant. We offer long-lasting experence from both sides of the process: as a representative in arbitration as well as practitioners of arbitration. The office has many times been appointed as arbitors previously.

Software Related Law

We are able to serve you in this complicated field of legal practice. We offer experience with software related contracts, software made on request, software made by emloyees etc.

EU Law

Commencing with the accesion of the Czech Republic into the European Union, EU Law has reformed Czech law in the very same way that it affects the law systems of „old members“. We offer practical applications of EU Law in the environs of the Czech Republic, and in finding potential benefits for your specific purposes.

Insolvency proceedings

We offer ful advice in bankruptcy proceedings conducted on the territory of Czech republic including application of Council regulation (EC) No. 1346/2000 of 29 May 2000 with regard to insolvency proceedings.

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